"Hard Working", 2015, screenprint

Jane Ching FOK | Hong Kong
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Artist born and raised in Hong Kong, graduated from BA (Visual Arts) in Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. 


Looking forward to various kinds of work opportunities and art collaboration.


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I wish to share my explorations of life by hand, with those who enjoy instead of define. Animals, humans and nature might not always seem to reflect their beautiful origin. Yet I collect these frustrating moments in a light-hearted manner, so that they may nurture an ideal world within us. I hope to contribute to goodness in our world, and to materialise the joy of creation. 


Jane Ching Fok graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts HKBU, and has been creating with silkscreen and relief printmaking. Each process is utilised to achieve different textures, colouration, and to echo the nature of its content. She spent the past year at a rural art festival in Japan, holding art events and looking for a life lost in cities with her new villager friends. She hand-crafts art prints, books and small figures, also appears in markets and instructs workshops. 

jane ching fok