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'万物流転 Flux' (2023)




 「誰も同じ川に二度入ることはできない」とは、 世の中あらゆる物事が絶えず変化することを意味し、古代ギリシアの自然哲学者ヘラクレイトスの思想を表している言葉です。 


'もの干し祭り' (2022)



亀岡霧の芸術祭 城跡芸術展



香港出身、京都在住の WONG Chung Wah(デザイナー/アーティスト)とのコラボレーション作品です。二人は瀬戸内国際芸術2019から始め、領域横断の媒介と展示手法を用い、日常の営みにアートを持ち込み、人々が芸術に出会い場をつくっています。

'Monochrome' (2022)

Size variable

Silkscreen and inkjet print on paper

A series of silkscreen-based works was installed in a residence-turned-gallery in Kyoto City. This particular silkscreen technique involves washing unexposed photo-sensitive emulsion to create abstract patterns, as if water takes charge of the visual instead of the artist.


From the round table the audience is encouraged to take home digital prints in the form of pamphlets and cards, to bring these artworks out into the world.

'Self-study' (2018)

CMYK separation screenprint on paper scanned and printed alternately from an old colouring book​

Set of 40: 21 cm x 29.7 cm each

AVA Gallery, Kai Tak Campus,
Academy of Visual Arts,
Hong Kong Baptist University.

Recreating the success of yesterday makes it harder to see what made it perfect. The kid coloured inside the lines, the child takes the boundaries with her and walks on, one print at a time. 

A reflection on memory, self-image,
expectation and success.

'Plates' (2017)

Etching and aquatint on paper, copper

For DUO exhibition (2017), a self-initiated project with 13 other Visual Arts students at Hong Kong Baptist University. This piece is done in response to my collaboration with Constance Chan Yi Ting for the exhibition.

Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery,
Hong Kong Baptist University

Intaglio prints are crisp and delicate, but the copper plate itself tells another story. Copper talks to paper, and couldn’t finish. 

An exploration of the nature and possibilities intaglio printmaking by juxtaposing copper plates and prints. Etching here is more than an imaging process but also a development of ideas. The work shows the visual interest of copper plates and its value as an art object.

'Studio Clearance' (2017)

Screenprint on found materials

For Crash Printing (2017), an exhibition with printmaking students from Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. 

Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, 
Hong Kong Baptist University

Too smudged to be used, too wasteful to discard. 

Bits and pieces and here and there, this is our good old studio after clearance. ​

'Connect-the-Family' (2016)

Ink on plastic sheet, found image



A found photograph of a 1940s American family dinner traced with 13,478 dots in total, linking each family member despite their indifferent gazes. 

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